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ALSTED is an Indian company. It is headquartered in Chennai. Mum Stores is our brand. Experts from different walks of life joined hands together with a common vision of empowering society to create job opportunities

The company has successfully weathered adverse times and come out stronger because of its competent and committed leadership. This past experience has ingrained in it to use the resources wisely & prudently and adopt efficient business practices. This has helped us to build a strong supply chain base capable of delivering quality and timely service to our clients.

We have developed a world-class online platform to deliver Food, Groceries, Mobiles & accessories, Garments & Textiles, and Home appliances, etc.

You will find everything you are looking for from our wide range of directories, products & Services carefully handpicked for you. You can choose standard delivery or slot of your choice for your orders.

Even your daily shopping will become an experience.

Shop Easy is our motto!